Noon Years Eve!

Noon Years Eve Ideas

Most babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers can't stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year...or they'll be very cranky the next day if they do! You can help them ring in the New Year with a Noon Year's Eve party instead.

Here are a few tips for the perfect Noon Year's Eve party. 

Have them help you set it up. Most kids love helping to set up for a party and it builds their excitement and anticipation. Get them to attach decorations to the wall, and talk with them about what you'll be doing.

Decorate! And turn the decorating into an activity. Do you have old greeting cards or wrapping paper left over from Christmas? Re-purpose these items destined for the recycling truck by having your kids rip them up into tiny pieces of 'confetti' in a large bin. This serves as an activity (ripping up the paper, you'd be surprised how long some kids will like doing that for!), as well as decor or an activity during the party.

Invite friends, where possible, to celebrate with you! A one to two hour play date at or around noon (or whatever timing is best for your kids given naps etc) is a perfect amount of time to celebrate together.

Set up a few sensory play stations. Here are some ideas we have tried before:

- large jingle bells and magnet wands

- water beads with funnels and tubes

- instant snow

- baking soda, vinegar and glitter 'explosions'

- bubble wrap walking path

- sensory walk with bins of different materials to walk through

- dance party - everyone has to 'freeze' when the music stops

- fishing pond water play with different nets, scoops, slotted spoons

Make a statement at 'noon.' Count down, and make it visual using 10 numbered balloons that you pull down as you count down. Or have a bubble machine and sparklers that turn on at 'noon', throw confetti, or drop balloons from a sheet secured to the ceiling. Put on music and dance to celebrate.

Happy New Year!

What ideas are you trying to ring in the New Year with your little ones? Share them in our private Facebook group. 

Are you in Calgary? Join us for Noon Years Eve, and leave the clean up to us! 

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