Sensory Beads - Deep Ocean - Bin Fillers
Sensory Beads - Deep Ocean - Bin Fillers

Sensory Beads - Deep Ocean

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  • Large 80g pack of sensory beads 
  • Makes 8-9 litres of beads once hydrated, enough to fill two SensaTable bins at least 3" deep
  • A blend of blue, purple, dark and light green beads

Sensory Beads are perfect for learning colours, developing fine-motor skills, making patterns and sorting! Teach new vocabulary by hiding items in the beads to search-and-find.

Note: sensory beads only - accessories pictured are sold separately.

Large bulk pack makes enough to fill two SensaTable bins at least 3" deep. Children can play with beads once they are hydrated.

Add at least 1 litre of water per tablespoon of beads, and they’ll be hydrated within 3-6 hours. Sensory beads absorb water and expand to a maximum of 1-1.5cm in diameter.

Add a few drops of essential oils while hydrating to give them an amazing scent!

Use sorting cups to sort the beads by colour. Add a few beads to bathtime for a magical sensory experience. Add items to the beads and do a ‘search & find’.

Many more possibilities!

Water beads are super-absorbent polymers that last 1-2 years. You can add water to keep them hydrated, or let them dry out to their tiny original size for storage.

When they’re hydrated, store them in a breathable container (not an air-tight container). They can be rinsed and cleaned using a strainer.

Used water beads can be placed in garden beds or flower pots – plants love the extra moisture! You can also use them for home-made ice packs or hot packs, flower vase decor, and a relaxing foot spa.

Salt will dissolve water beads. Water beads are environmentally safe and non-toxic, however they can pose a choking hazard.  Always supervise children playing with sensory materials.

Also known as sensory beads, water beads, orbs, orbeez, water jellies, water crystals.