About Us

Kids love to play - and it's how they learn best!

When I first looked for a sensory table for my three boys, I was disappointed to find only large, clunky, hard-to-clean, and expensive models out there. I needed a simple sensory table that was easy to move around, easy to fill up and clean, and the right size for my son to play with. And...I needed it to be affordable.

Since I couldn't find one on the market, I made one. With the help of a woodworker and an engineer, we perfected the design. Now hundreds of parents, daycares, dayhomes and schools have put the SensaTable to use in their homes or classrooms, and you can too!

We are a Canadian company based in Calgary, AB. Please check out the table and follow us on social media for tons of sensory play inspiration. 

Looking forward to staying in touch with you!

Happy playing,

Mira Boucher,

Founder, SensaKids

P.S. Our logo is a little ladybug...do you remember the first time you saw a ladybug? It's part of childhood wonder and awe, which is what we are here to help kids discover through sensory play!

SensaKids Founder Mira Boucher